The top level design in terms of optical combinations.

Description & details

Vario - the dynamic vision lens

The design originates from Opto+ D.V.S. (Dynamic Vision System) technology, enabling you to tailor the width of both far and near vision zones according to your specific requirements. This innovation marks the debut of the premium Opto+ multipurpose progressive design.

Compared to the DIGIT design, VARIO features reduced overall astigmatism and is especially well-suited for frames with a large height, thanks to its geometric funnel-shaped geometry.

A premium design that can be customized to meet the diverse needs of progressive lens wearers with varying lifestyles.

Opto+ design Specification

  • The corridor length calculation starts from the geometrical lens center or the Prism Reference Point (PRP) to the beginning of the Near Reference Point (NRP)
  • The Fitting Cross (FC) is set at +4mm from the Prism Reference Point (PRP)
  • The Distance Reference Point (DRP) is set at +4mm from the fitting cross
  • The Near Reference Point (NRP) is set a -4 mm from the end of the corridor
  • The INSET is the distance between the hypothetical vertical line passing through the Fitting Cross (FC) and the hypothetical vertical line passing through the Near Reference Point (NRP)

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