The Best Opto+ entry level soft progressive design


Different corridor lenghts for various wearer’s habit

Description & details

BASIC PLUS - a multipurpose optimized design

The next evolution of the highly acclaimed Opto+ BASIC design, tailored for active individuals seeking unparalleled comfort during frequent outdoor activities. With meticulously balanced fixed vision zone lengths and optimized overall astigmatisms, this design caters to both novice and experienced users, ensuring an exceptional viewing experience.

BASIC PLUS boasts a consistent astigmatism-to-addition ratio of 0.98 for Addition 2.00. Even with high additions (<2.00), enjoy minimal and uniformly distributed peripheral astigmatisms, ensuring unmatched clarity and comfort.

Opto+ design Specification

  • The corridor length calculation starts from the geometrical lens center or the Prism Reference Point (PRP) to the beginning of the Near Reference Point (NRP)
  • The Fitting Cross (FC) is set at +4mm from the Prism Reference Point (PRP)
  • The Distance Reference Point (DRP) is set at +4mm from the fitting cross
  • The Near Reference Point (NRP) is set a -4 mm from the end of the corridor
  • The INSET is the distance between the hypothetical vertical line passing through the Fitting Cross (FC) and the hypothetical vertical line passing through the Near Reference Point (NRP)

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