Control the cloud and check your lens before production.

Introducing Opto+ Lens Control

Opto+ Lens Control is a standalone software designed for installation in your production environment. It enables seamless bidirectional communication between your LMS software and the Opto+ cloud using the VCA OMA communication protocol.

Opto+ Lens Control enhances your production capabilities by analyzing every lens surface file (supporting all surface file formats). It provides precise values for power, cylinders, axes, thickness, and all the other parameters for each lens point, displayed in cylinder, power, and thickness map in a 2D/3D view. This information helps you gain a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of the lens before physical production.

A Unique Tool That Adapts to Your Production

Discover the Power of Lens Control

Opto+ Lens Control can be used in various ways and adapts to your production needs. By running the software in the background, it automatically accelerates communication between your LMS software and the Opto+ Cloud without any intervention from the lab operator. It serves as your gateway to the Opto+ Cloud world. Thanks to the advanced tools described below, Opto+ Lens Control empowers you to achieve a new level of control.

First Setup

Opto+ Lens Control supports various settings to adapt to your L.M.S. software and machines. From the surface type format to OMA parameters mapping, you’ll have total control over the communication between the Opto+ cloud and your production environment. Whether you require standard settings or more advanced customization, once everything is configured, simply initiate the communication to begin producing your lenses.

Computation Report and freeform design Analysis

View all the calculated jobs results and analyze the requested parameters, response parameters, and optical values for each lens point. The 2D/3D map provides a comprehensive visualization of your calculated lens, aiding in better understanding before validation to the L.M.S and actual production.

Lens Thickness Analysis

The thickness analysis provides the effective thickness for all lens points, including border thickness with angles. If frame shape data are present, it also includes the frame border thickness.

Lens Design Comparison

A real design map comparison, including cylinder and power maps, is crucial for understanding which design best suits your customers’ needs. If you’re seeking a comprehensive comparison between all Opto+ designs and even those from other LDS providers, this tool is perfect! Simply drag and drop any surface file, match the same reference scale, frame, and diameter, and gain insights into the key features of your entire portfolio.

Opto+ Calc tool

This tool, always included in Opto+ Lens Control, allows you to perform a freeform calculation using Opto+ designs just for testing. It simulates a real environment to perform a true freeform design calculation without impacting your production or your L.M.S. While you won’t be able to send the results to your machines, you’ll be able to test all the possibilities of the Opto+ design using the analysis tools.

Visual Lenticularization System

Opto+ supports the lenticularization process for all designs, from manual parameter settings (angles, bowl, diameter, etc.) to a completely automatic process where everything is calculated in the cloud. You have full control and can decide how to tune the system. Thanks to our visual lenticularization system, you can quickly get a graphical overview of the lenticularized lens.

Specific Design Options

Through Opto+ Calc, you’ll be able to test specific design parameters such as automatic inset calculation, prism options, prism thinning, block prism, and more. Specific designs, like the Office design, can be calculated in various ways, making it important to test and review the results.

Opto+ Lens Control for Your Sales Activities

Not only a production tool

When we first developed Opto+ Lens Control, our goal was to create a comprehensive lens production tool to facilitate communication between the Opto+ Cloud and lab equipment (software and machinery). Over time, we noticed that labs were also using Opto+ Lens Control to promote and explain designs to their customers.

To support this use case, we introduced the option for salespeople to use Opto+ Lens Control. This provides a quick and easy tool that can be locally installed on a laptop to perform various tests and present the lab’s design portfolio without impacting real production statistics.

More sales tools are coming to the Opto+ Optical Cloud Workspace to support advanced mobile devices, enhancing your ability to showcase and explain lens designs on the go.

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