Streamline your Designs calculation with our comprehensive administration portal
Welcome to our Next-Generation

Opto+ administration web portal

Opto+ LensLogic aims to streamline the management process of Opto+ LDS. Through an intuitive and comprehensive administrative panel, it offers advanced tools to analyze and keep track of your production.

Enhanced productivity through multiple users, all managed seamlessly on a single management page.

With Opto+ LensLogic, you can create and manage multiple users for the use of Opto+. You can create commercial users who will have access to the Opto+ software in demonstration mode only to showcase designs and lenses to end customers. Productive users have the ability to manage two or more laboratories simultaneously, receiving detailed analytical reports for each laboratory.

Reseller Tools:

Opto+ LDS can be resold by selected partners and optical professionals operating in the Ophthalmic world. All the reseller operations, such as design aliases and dedicated statistics, can be managed through Opto+ LensLogic

Design Production Statistics:

To empower you to monitor and optimize your production, Opto+ LensLogic offers a dedicated statistics section. Here, you can access detailed data on your progressive lens design production, including volumes and design percentages. This information will assist you in making informed decisions and improving the efficiency of your production process. All reports can be generated for a customizable time period and downloaded for future reference.

User/Customer Management

Reseller Tools

Design Production Statistics

Opto+ LDS revolutionizes eyecare. With intuitive design tools and a comprehensive user experience, it streamlines the creation and management of next-gen freeform lenses. Join us in setting new standards in the ophthalmic market.

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