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for avant-garde opthalmic designs

The final goal of our research laboratory for free-form ophthalmic lens design is to provide highly personalized lens solutions that improve patients’ vision and meet their specific visual needs.

This technology is constantly advancing, and new developments may emerge over time to make the design and production process even more efficient and effective.

Our cutting-edge technologies meticulously address all aspects of progressive lenses, effectively controlling induced astigmatism

Our research laboratory, specializing in free-form ophthalmic lens design, is dedicated to developing and experimenting with new design algorithms. Our goal is to produce lenses with both native and recalculated designs that perfectly cater to each patient’s unique needs.

Through our advanced technology, we aim to craft personalized lenses for every individual, considering not only their ophthalmic prescription but also their specific visual requirements and physical characteristics.

These lenses are meticulously designed using sophisticated calculation algorithms that take into account various parameters, including eye shape, interpupillary distance, and the patient’s visual habits.

Our laboratory team comprises specialized engineers and scientists in the ophthalmic field, tasked with creating cutting-edge mathematical algorithms. Additionally, we have optical engineers with extensive experience in the ophthalmic domain and a team of optical experts responsible for conducting quality checks on lenses, ensuring they meet rigorous quality standards and certifications.

Mathematical calculation

Our laboratory experts are constantly pioneering the development of sophisticated algorithms to generate both native and recalculated designs for lenses. These algorithms meticulously analyze all collected data to derive the optimal design for each individual.

Simulations and Optimizations

By utilizing the gathered data and design algorithms, simulations are conducted to refine the lens design, ensuring alignment with quality and precision standards.

Creation of prototypes

After obtaining the prototype lens designs, a series of lenses are manufactured for initial testing.


The prototype lenses undergo testing on selected patients to assess performance and gather feedback on aspects such as comfort, visual acuity, and overall adaptation.

Optimization and Refinement

Building upon the test results, design algorithms and lens designs are further refined and optimized.

Large-scale Production

Once satisfaction with the results and lens design is achieved, we commences large-scale distribution to make these personalized lenses available to optical professionals and patients.

Opto+ Quality Check


At our company, quality control is paramount in delivering outstanding progressive lens designs. Our seasoned team diligently scrutinizes each design to ensure optimal visual performance, seamless focal point transitions, and precise prescription implementation. Through rigorous testing and continual refinement, we strive to exceed expectations, delivering unparalleled comfort and clarity of vision to our users.


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