a new concept of LDS software which reimagines the idea of progressive lens design using the most advanced technology.



for the Ophthalmic World

What is Opto+

Embark on a journey into the realm of optical excellence like never before with Opto+.

Opto+ is a revolutionary Lens Design System (L.D.S.) software tailored for ophthalmic optics. It calculates mathematical models of single vision, bifocal, and progressive lenses, referred to as “designs,” providing all necessary data for inspection, analysis, and production of ophthalmic lenses. Leveraging the innovative features of FreeForm machinery in optical labs, Opto+ ensures precision and efficiency in every aspect of lens production.

Opto+ designs stand out for their unparalleled innovation, setting them apart from others in the market. Guided by steadfast values and design principles, Opto+ lenses minimize astigmatisms and offer cleaner, wider visual fields. This is achieved through algorithms rooted in curved surfaces, such as circles and sphere-related basic math. By adopting this approach, Opto+ reduces additional astigmatisms introduced by curve-based algorithms like B-splice and Nurbs.

Opto+ adheres to VCA-OMA communication standards, enabling seamless integration with all existing Lens Management System (L.M.S.) software and machinery within the lab.

Welcome to Opto+, ushering in a new era of precision and innovation in lens design calculation.


At the heart of Opto+ lies its complex proprietary and patented mathematical algorithms, which require significant computing power while simultaneously ensuring swift execution to meet the the needs of even the most advanced optical productions.

This innovative technological approach, rooted in cutting-edge IT technologies, enables Opto+ to guarantee execution times of just a few seconds for computing a pair of progressive lenses. Powered by the Cloud, Opto+ harnesses scalable computing power to achieve unparalleled efficiency, providing consistent performance across all types of laboratories, from small-scale operations to large automated industries.

With the cloud infrastructure, this capability extends globally, as it consistently selects the nearest data center for calculations.

Hence, we proudly affirm that Opto+ operates without constraints on power and geography.

From our research facility to your LAB

How an ophthalmic design is born

Continuous innovation


At our state-of-the-art research laboratory, we specialize in both modern free-form ophthalmic lens design and IT engineering. Opto+ dedicated teams focus on crafting and refining groundbreaking design algorithms, pushing the boundaries of innovation, and utilizing the most advantageous IT technologies.

Our ultimate goal?
To engineer lens designs that seamlessly adapt to the unique requirements of every individual.

Accurate Testing

Optical quality control and real trials

Each new design undergoes validation and meticulous scrutiny by our team of optical experts. Real trials conducted with carefully selected partners are key features in the development of our new products.

Product rollout

Marketing, distribution and support

An excellent-quality product demands a comprehensive communication strategy, comprising clear explanations and compelling marketing materials. All newly approved designs are showcased worldwide at the most significant ophthalmic fairs and optical events, and are made available for free testing to all our customers.

Training and direct support are key features to support the lab’s new design launch.

We support you wherever you are in the world, offering our extensive expertise at your disposal.


We simplify the utilization of complex computer technologies and mathematical algorithms with our intuitive and universally accessible software.

A modern solution for the ophthalmic industry

In the dynamic realm of optics, Opto+ offers universal access for your lens production across multiple device platforms, with an intuitive, user-friendly interface and advanced tools aimed at maximizing vision quality and customizing designs to suit each individual perfectly

Opto+ marks a significant breakthrough in the industry, delivering efficiency and precision in addressing clients’ visual requirements.

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