The clever Lens



the next generation single vision myopia control lens.

Myopia tends to progress and worsen from young age through the teenage years and statistics shows an increased worsening in the past 20 years.

Genetics, the natural eye growth, and youth lifestyle changes, reduced outdoor activities and increased the digital device use, are the main causes of myopia

Traditional myopia lenses with full correction may also contribute to myopia progression over time, because light correctly focuses on the retina but only in correspondence of the lens center. Therefore, distant objects look clear only in the central vision zone, whereas images in the peripheral zones are still blurry.

The shape of the bulb will tend to adabt to the projected imagecausing also the myopia to worsen over time

How it works

The MyoStop Revolution

Techniques upon which current myopia control rely too, were introduced years ago with the multifocal contact lenses. At the time, the main goal was to find a way to slow down myopia progression, especially on children and young people. Opto+ developed MyoStop design, a next generation single vision freeform design with circular defocus limiting the worsening of myopia in young people.

Power Map with axes directions

MyoStop has a fixed power central zone which diameter length is calculated from the real base value and the power value of the requested lens. Generally, diameter range from 9 to 12 mm.

From the central zone to the lens border, MyoStop has a power degression starting from 1 to 2.5 Dioptrics, depending on which design is used (MyoBaby, MyoJunior, MyoTeen).

Thanks to the ray tracing technique, MyoStop design has a circular defocus and from the design center to the design peripheral area, power decreas and cylinders slowly increase. Cylinder axes are always directed to the lens center (radial direction) for a better comfort on all eye rotations.


The Clever Lens

Effective myopia control in children: both the myopia deepening rate and the axial growth can be effectively reduced


A clear vision with incredible details

The circular defocus changes the focus points’ positions while moving away from the lens center to follow the eye retina curve as accurately as possible.

The traditional myopia lenses create a blured image on the peripheral area

The result is a lens focusing the light on the retina in correspondence of every point of the lens without blurry images.

MyoStop ensures a clear vision on the whole lens area


Design Specifications

MyoStop lenses can be produced on every material, with any blanks and every indexes on the market and in every diameters. Customers can specify any individual parameters like wrap, panto and back vertex distance.

Sphere range from 0.00 to -20.00 and Cylinder max 6 Depending on the age of the wearer, MyoStop has 3 different design models and for each of them thickness is significantly improve thanks to the circular parabolic defocus.


with a total defocus of 2.5 Dioptrics for very young people starting from 5 to 8 years old. compared to a traditional single vision myopia lens, MyoBaby is 25% thinnest.


with a total defocus of 1.6 Dioptrics for youngster from 9 to 12 years old. compared to a traditional single vision myopia lens, MyoJunior is 18% thinnest.


with a total defocus of 1 Dioptrics for teenagers from 13 to 17 years old. compared to a traditional single vision myopia lens, MyoTeen is 10% thinnest.

Design tips:

  • Opto+ suggests controlling young myopia progression every 6 months for 2 years.
  • MyoStop construction is like a normal single vision lens made on a freeform generator.
  • MyoStop surface is clear without porosity.

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