Where the Journey to Soft Lens Excellence Begins


Low and uniform astigmatisms

Description & details

Illusion - the unbelievable experience

Have you ever experienced wearing a single vision lens with the same performance as a progressive one?

That’s exactly what Illusion offers. It’s a progressive lens so finely balanced and optimized that wearing it feels like using a single vision lens. Illusion marks the starting point for soft progressive lenses, a natural evolution from MAGIC, distinguished by even lower astigmatism. With only one corridor available, it’s designed exclusively for frames with a height of 22mm and above.

Illusion lenses represent the epitome of progressive lens technology, combining advanced optics with unparalleled comfort to deliver a superior visual experience.

Opto+ design Specification

  • The corridor length calculation starts from the geometrical lens center or the Prism Reference Point (PRP) to the beginning of the Near Reference Point (NRP)
  • The Fitting Cross (FC) is set at +4mm from the Prism Reference Point (PRP)
  • The Distance Reference Point (DRP) is set at +4mm from the fitting cross
  • The Near Reference Point (NRP) is set a -3 mm from the end of the corridor
  • The INSET is the distance between the hypothetical vertical line passing through the Fitting Cross (FC) and the hypothetical vertical line passing through the Near Reference Point (NRP)

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