Perfectly suited for wrap frames


Engineered to meet the demanding requirements of sports frames

Description & details

Fantasy - Optimize Your Athletic Performance

Unlock unparalleled sports performance with Fantasy progressive lenses, meticulously crafted for athletes pursuing unmatched visual clarity and precision. Engineered to exceed the rigorous demands of sports frames, Fantasy lenses provide unrivaled distance vision and sharp peripheral clarity, essential for achieving peak athletic excellence.

Powered by state-of-the-art Opto+ technology, these lenses guarantee crystal-clear vision throughout, elevating binocular vision for improved depth perception and precision. With an expansive far vision range, Fantasy lenses excel in intense activities, yet maintain clear sight of nearby surroundings as needed. Tailored for wrap frames, Fantasy lenses deliver uncompromising vision quality and comfort, enhancing every sporting pursuit.

Opto+ design Specification

  • The corridor length calculation starts from the geometrical lens center or the Prism Reference Point (PRP) to the beginning of the Near Reference Point (NRP)
  • The Fitting Cross (FC) is set at +4mm from the Prism Reference Point (PRP)
  • The Distance Reference Point (DRP) is set at +4mm from the fitting cross
  • The Near Reference Point (NRP) is set a -4 mm from the end of the corridor
  • The INSET is the distance between the hypothetical vertical line passing through the Fitting Cross (FC) and the hypothetical vertical line passing through the Near Reference Point (NRP)

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