The Opto+ entry level soft progressive design


The starting point for your products portfolio.

Description & details


Discover the ideal solution for newcomers to progressive lenses who rely heavily on near vision: the Basic Extended design. Customizable to accommodate individual needs and frame styles, it delivers an unparalleled level of comfort and performance.

Unlock the power of personalized vision with Opto+ DVS Technology (Dynamic Vision System), enabling precise adjustments to both far and near vision zones. Experience a seamless journey as the near vision area gracefully expands from the onset, ensuring effortless transitions between various distances.

Elevate your visual experience with the Basic Extended design, meticulously crafted to meet your individual visual needs and frame preferences. Experience unmatched precision and comfort, setting a groundbreaking standard within the basic line of lenses.

Opto+ design specification

  • The corridor length calculation starts from the geometrical lens center or the Prism Reference Point (PRP) to the beginning of the Near Reference Point (NRP)
  • The Fitting Cross (FC) is set at +4mm from the Prism Reference Point (PRP)
  • The Distance Reference Point (DRP) is set at +4mm from the fitting cross
  • The Near Reference Point (NRP) is set a -4 mm from the end of the corridor
  • The INSET is the distance between the hypothetical vertical line passing through the Fitting Cross (FC) and the hypothetical vertical line passing through the Near Reference Point (NRP)

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